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No No It's Automatic

Hi all, 'Hey how are you?' Seems like a simple message right? In most cases it's used to connect with someone you haven't spoken to in a while, or find out an update on a person. But there is another use for this phrase and it comes on the very special app this is Grindr. Usually from an account that is offline. The guy is typically 2'4" tall (although the picture makes them look taller). Usually a muscled boy next door type that is shown to make you think you have been contacted by the dreamiest of all guys. But in fact its a bot! You quickly learn that these occur when you haven't used the app in a while and its been dormant on your device. Maybe its the Grindr team forcing you to open the app by showing you a notification. Maybe they sell your usernames to generate more business? Who knows? But what I know is if you engage in conversation you can get some pretty funny results. So that's what I did. I replied 'I am fine, how are you?' T

Hey, Hi, Hello, Yo, Wassup, My oh me, Oh boy, What's word? Could I call ya?

Hi all, I wanted to talk about something that is affecting me right now. That is continual persistence of a person messaging me who desperately wants to meet. But first a little backstory. I met this guy on Grindr and we started to talk. He is older but looks good for his age. He said he liked younger, darker, hairier boys and so I was definitely what he was looking for. We chatted for a bit before we exchanged numbers. This is something I kind of regret. You know you get that feeling when you find someone you have an attraction to and you want to see how things progress. Well this feeling failed me this time in ways I have not experienced before. To say this guy is persistent is an understatement. He quickly started to message me that he was super excited that we will be meeting up and wanted to desperately see me. I played it cool, thinking this is a little full on for someone you have barely spent a few hours talking to. Red flags started to appear but I took it down as hormone

I'm Coming Out (I want the world to know)... Well at least a few people

Hi all, I wanted to share with you my coming out story. As a bit of background about myself I am a Londoner born and raised, in my late 20's and of South Asian descent. Oh and I am also Muslim. The South Asian part and the Muslim part are the reasons why I came out so late in life. It's not the done thing in my culture and religion. For a long time I struggled with my identity, trying to reconcile my religion and sexuality. Also trying to figure out how being gay in a culture that opposes gay people so much would impact my life. The first step towards me coming out to people was to come out to myself. I spent years trying to suppress my inner feelings and not focussing on my sexuality. So this was hard for me, to let my guard down even to myself and finally admit that I was gay. I was basically in denial until this point, and it was only when I looked in the mirror and uttered the words to myself that I finally accepted it. As for reconciling my faith and sexuality... well

Gotta Catch Em All... Pokemon!

Hi all, Unless you've been living under a rock for the last month you might have seen the world become obsessed with Pokemon Go! (I'm a fan and love it!). Literally the world has gone Poke crazy, with news stories everyday about people causing mobs to try and get that oh so coveted Dragonite or elusive Gyarados. There have even been stories about how it has become the new Grindr (people have been updating their profiles with their team affiliation and asking people out on Pokewalks). You go looking for a Likitung before getting a... ;). That being said there are people out there who don't get the obsession. People who have forgotten the joy of being a child and trying to collect all the Pokemon you can. One of those people is V. He started off a believer and fan, but after changing phone (meaning he lost his progress) he has started to turn on it. He sees it as 'a waste of time.' I pointed out that the whole premise of a game is to 'waste time.' You pla

Don't do it, please don't do it

Hi all, As you may be aware Thursdays are the new Friday, which means you turn down earlier in the week. After finishing a long day in the office my friend V decided we should go to Soho for some drinks (soft drinks for me please). We decided to walk over as the weather yesterday was pretty ok. Anyway we get to a famous bar and decide to go in. Its still early but we know it will get busier soon. We order our drinks (I got Red Bull with a lime wedge inside - makes it kind of looks like a vodka Red Bull but innocent ;) - and V decided it was double day - something he regretted today lol). We make our way outside to the terrace so V can smoke. Its pretty dead, but one guy caught our attention... and not in a good way. He was a young guy (we were guessing early 20's) dressed in fluorescent green shorts, a white tee and a fluorescent green hat. It was certainly an eye catching look. he was moving around the terrace and settled on a corner with a window ledge nearby. He left after

Let talk about sex baby

Hi all, I wanted to share my story about my first time. I was 26 (I know quite late - I was starting to think I was going to be the 40 year old virgin). He was a guy I met off Growlr (an app for bears - what is with all these animal names?). He was sweet, kind and lots of fun in our chats. We arranged to meet at his local station. Now normally I would be quite wary of this sort of situation, and I totally feel that anyone should be, but he seemed nice (and I am quite capable so felt safe). Plus it was a public space which is ALWAYS the best place to meet. He was running late, but that was ok. When he turned up I was relieved that he looked like his picture on his profile (something that hasn't always been the case - more on that later). I was surprised that I wasn't nervous, but like I said he made me feel calm as he was genuinely a lovely guy. We made it to his flat and settled on the sofa to watch a movie. It was nice to just sit close to someone and be held. That quickl

A quiet word is my proposition

Hi all, I wanted to share with you a story about a time I was propositioned for sex by a total stranger whilst on holiday in NYC. This happened about a year before I came out to myself, so was at a point in my life where I was still a little confused. Let me set the scene, I was over there as my sister had moved offices for a few months (can anyone say free accommodation? lol) so literally stayed for 2 weeks. I pretty much walked the entirety of Manhattan, which was fun, but also annoying as their blocks are too close together (not like London where you can walk un-interrupted by roads for a while). Anyway I decided to go to the natural history museum (fun tip - you don't have to pay, its a suggested donation, but they make it out like you have to in order to get tourists like me to pay up). I paid... (In my defence I found out after). Anyway, as I was walking around, taking pictures and being a proper tourist I noticed an old man looking at me. Initially I didn't take a

First of all.... Introduction

Hi all, My name is A (not my real name, but the nature of this blog will require me to be a bit mysterious, and what is life without a little mystery?). I am a guy trying to figure out life, currently in the last year of my 20's (I don't feel old lol) with a lot of decisions to make in the near future. Lets get this out of the way first... I am Muslim and I am GAY. Whilst these don't go hand in hand (I am trying to figure out a way I can reconcile both) it is who I am, and I don't want that to change. I realise this blog can incite a lot of hate, especially as I am breaking a cardinal sin of Islam by being GAY, but I want to write this to help others who may have gone through the same struggles I am going through now. Also to share my stories and maybe hear some of yours. My story starts a few years ago, when I finally accepted the fact I was gay. I had known for a long time (since I was 9) but decided to not focus on that. I went to uni and even then was struggl