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Don't do it, please don't do it

Hi all,

As you may be aware Thursdays are the new Friday, which means you turn down earlier in the week. After finishing a long day in the office my friend V decided we should go to Soho for some drinks (soft drinks for me please). We decided to walk over as the weather yesterday was pretty ok. Anyway we get to a famous bar and decide to go in. Its still early but we know it will get busier soon. We order our drinks (I got Red Bull with a lime wedge inside - makes it kind of looks like a vodka Red Bull but innocent ;) - and V decided it was double day - something he regretted today lol). We make our way outside to the terrace so V can smoke. Its pretty dead, but one guy caught our attention... and not in a good way.

He was a young guy (we were guessing early 20's) dressed in fluorescent green shorts, a white tee and a fluorescent green hat. It was certainly an eye catching look. he was moving around the terrace and settled on a corner with a window ledge nearby. He left after a bit. Some older guys (easily in their 50's) took his place. When the young guy (lets call him Green) came back he started to explain to the Rat Pack (so aptly named as they looked like greasy rats) that he was standing there. This started a whole dialogue that we kept watching throughout the night. It looked like Green had something for daddy types (not that there is anything wrong with that), but what happened next was surprising.

One of the 'daddies' - lets call him DINF (Daddy I'd Never F***) decided to loosen his top button and give Green an eyeful of what he was packing. I was looking in the other direction but could see what was happening in general in the reflection of another window. V was stunned, he thought Green deserved better, and felt like telling him that he 'didn't need to do this,' but he decide not to say anything.

As the night went on DINF had a few friends come out to the terrace. They were all quite greasy, but one in particular stood out. He had basically no teeth at all, a highly protruding chin and a scrunched up face like a shrunken head doll. We can only now describe him as Sloppy Joe. He was quite keen on Green, and Green looked quite keen on the whole Rat Pack. Now when you see these sorts of situations you start thinking of a few options.

  1. Green liked daddies and was looking for some fun
  2. Green was a call boy and wanted to get a sugar daddy for the night to pay for his services
  3. Green was drunk af and thought he was talking to some adonis's
  4. Green was desperate
I thought option 2, so did V. After V had his second double he started to feel the effects. I think the bartender gave two triples as he likes us, but I think V didn't realise that. We decided to leave early, but not before V went up to Green and told him that he deserved better (not with the Rat Pack listening in mind - otherwise that might have been trouble). What Green said was surprising ('I know, but DINF has a big one, so why not?').

Well, who are we to judge? 

Moral of the story: People have different fetishes, let them indulge with consenting people. Oh and two triples are a quick way to get drunk quickly lol.

Until next time,



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