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Hold back the river

Hi all,

I wanted to share with you a relatively funny story about my first douching experience (sorry for the faint hearted - if this applies to you look away now).

With my new beginnings into the gay sex world I was keen to experience everything I could. Boys gone wild sort of situation lol. So I really wanted to try bottoming. But I realised this would involve a lot of preparation - you can't just wipe and be ready. I decided to do some research. I found several blogs and sites that talked through the art of douching. I was aware of douching as I have a medical related background, but had not realised the intricacies of it until I read these articles. It seemed very technical but I was determined to get through it and have a squeaky clean hole afterwards.

I bought an enema bulb and decided to try it out on a day I would be home ALONE! This was not an experience I wanted to share with the family. So anyway I found myself alone and decided to get to work. Initially it was difficult to get the nozzle in the correct place - cut to me in the shower awkwardly positioning myself to get the right angles - but after a few tries I managed to get it it (with the help of lots of lube of course). I pressed the bulb and could feel a trickle of water coming through. I didn't have the sensations that people were describing, but could feel something going on down there. Round 1 completed and some interesting jet like propulsions came out of my ass.

On to round 2, then 3. It was like a boxing match, switching from the shower to the toilet. After each attempt I was flushing the toilet (which was a terrible waste of energy as I realised this would take a while to get the crystal clear waters I needed - not that I am unhealthy, I just wasn't as clean as I thought). After a few more round I has success, the waters were clear. I waited the 20 minutes recommended by people and did one final one to make sure nothing else was there. I flushed the toilet again and that when I heard a slight bang. The boiler had broken! I had been over-doing it with the flush and it overpowered the system! I was panicking (couldn't literally shit my pants as I was clean lol), but frantic nonetheless. I managed to fix it thankfully, but it gave up a few months later and we replaced it (in my defence it was 11 years old so was due to be renewed).

In all my frantic behaviour I didn't get to enjoy my clean ass, which was a shame. I was determined though not to go through the experience again in the same way. After a few tweaks I managed to find a combination that works well for me and means I can douche anytime and not have to starve myself the day before to make sure I am spotless.

My combination involves the following:

  • Peppermint oil capsules - to help flow easily and to stop irritability (something I had been suffering from slightly before)
  • Flaxseed powder in my morning protein shake - adds the fibre and helps maintain a healthy gut
  • Feminine hygiene wash in the water for the douche - this was like a revelation! I can honestly say its the best addition to the routine ever. Not only is the soap gentle and user friendly for the intestine and anus, it helps moves things along very quickly! Also its a soap, so you are killing bacteria as you douche - win/win situation!
This is what I found works for me. I have heard other people use sports bottles, but honestly I can't get them to work for me.

What are some of your tips and tricks? Would be interesting to hear.

May your bums be clean forever ;)



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