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Lets get it on in public

Hi all,

Recently on the local news there was an incident regarding a gay couple who were informed by security in a grocery store that their hand holding had caused offence to another shopper. Sadly this sort of thing is still happening in 2016! Even more sad that its incidents like this that force gay people to be reclusive with one another in public displays of affection.

Personally I don't like public displays of affection, be it homo or heterosexual. I find that affection is something that should be done privately. That being said I consider public displays of affection to be passionate french kissing and beyond. Hand holding, arm linking and hugs are not public displays of affection in my mind. They so that you care for the other person, and want to feel close with them. I don't feel acts like this should be thought of as offensive. I wouldn't mind if a hetero couple were doing any of these, so people shouldn't be offended by a gay couple doing them either.

One of the main issues with being in the closet still is this sort of mentality from society. Whenever I am fortunate enough to be on a date with someone and its going well, I want to be able to hold their hand or something. But I stop myself. I always have to look around to see if we are relatively private before being able to do anything. If I feel that we are not in a private or out of the way place I will hold back my urge to hold their hand. It's just how society has made me think this way. The stories you hear of people being attacked etc, it all adds up. I for one find this really annoying, and I know a lot of other people do too.

Fortunately I live in London, and so this doesn't affect me too much. The only time I will be reclusive is when I am near my home area, where people I know may spot me etc. Until I come out this will be something I will have to deal with. So I make a promise to society if society will make on back to me. I will work on making sure I do not offend anyone, if society will work on making sure it is not offended by gay people. We are here, we aren't going away.




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