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Where have all the good men gone?

Hi all, I'm on holiday at the moment! It's been so much fun, done a lot of trekking and seeing natural beauty all around me. It's been nice just taking a step back from the fast paced world of city life and going back to basics. Unfortunately though this means that there aren't many guys around if you want to lay pipe ;). Case in point, I downloaded Grindr (I'm on holiday so don't judge). I found a few guys near me, no one really peaking interest until I got to the third row and found a guy that ticks all the right boxes. Tall, handsome (but not too handsome), nice smile... He was great. His profile was funny too (humour always wins), BUT he was 120 miles away! I thought I was seeing things but it was true. I know I am in the middle of a small town but didn't think pickings would be this slim! I looked back through the first couple of people and realised that other than me there were only 3 other gays in the village. It could have been the time of day,

Pressure pushing down on me

Hi all, If you come from an Asian family you will know that once you hit a certain age your family (mainly parents - but also aunts and uncles) will lay down the pressure for you to get married. Its very common, and often they will have someone that they want you to meet and see what happens etc. If your parents are liberal to an extent they will ask if you have someone and the families will meet etc. At any rate in most terms arranged marriages aren't what they used to be where you meet your future life partner on your wedding day! Usually I can get away from this pressure as I am doing a PhD, and don't yet have a full time job, so I use these as excuses to stop them asking too many questions and laying down the pressure for marriage. However, I am due to finish soon and the pressure is starting all over again. The past weekend also didn't help. I went to my cousins wedding. Now most weddings I have managed to get out of as I work on weekends, but these are for family