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I still get...

Jealous. Well jealousy in general. Its a beast that needs to be tamed sometimes. Feeling jealous of someone because you feel they are better than you isn't a good feeling to have. I try to forego this emotion, but jealousy always rears its ugly head. Let me set the scene. Me and my friend V are at the club. A gay club to be precise. Since coming out to V he has taken it upon himself to induct me into the gay world, promising me tips and tricks to pull. So far I have realised that he has the same insecurities as me and the same hang ups so there isn't much learning going on. Anyway, V is good looking. He is tall, slim and tattoo'ed. Guys seem to like this. Every time we are out together he will get hit on. Now initially this didn't bother me. Like I have said in previous posts everyone has a type and people that they find attractive. So i just stand there whilst he dismisses these guys as he is in a relationship. But it gets me thinking. Why doesn't anyone ever

There will be nothing left for no-one

Hi all, I recently came back from a holiday with who I thought was the man of my dreams. But sadly this dream never came into reality... Let me start with some back story. I met this guy on tinder (I know so modern right?). We instantly clicked, even though he lived in the grand ol' USA (which might not be so grand now given recent political news). We chatted everyday and things were going well. We called each other Love and it felt like we were starting a relationship. Anyway back in April he came to London for a week and we had the best time. We got to know each other in person and did some amazing things. I did a staycation, which I would totally recommend to anyone as I had never really taken time out to explore London a lot. We left on good terms. Some time passed and he decided he wanted to come back to Europe but for us to go somewhere together. We settled on the French riviera, which was the best choice for weather, exploring and relaxing. So the time for the holiday