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Emotions taking me over...

Hi all, Over the last two weeks I have been through a whole range of emotions. From fear, doubt, anxiety, a pseudo feeling of calm, back to more anxiety, stress, having a breakdown, more stress and finally happiness. Let me put this all into perspective... As you may know I am doing a PhD, and as part of that I have to complete a viva, which is an exam where you are judged on your work and have to defend the decisions you have made. I knew that the date was approaching and decided two weeks before to start preparation. I went through all my work and found that I had a lot to catch up on, re-read and memorise. It was overwhelming to say the least. I started by making a presentation of my work and when doing this I realised that I had lost the fundamental principles of my work. I needed to revise and revise hard. Thats when the stress started to kick in. I was fine for a few days but as the date approached I was getting even more stressed. I couldn't shake the feeling that I wou

A more serious post...

Hi all, Since I started this blog I have told you about my life so far after coming out to my friends. But I have not told you all about how I came to the decision that I was comfortable with being gay and how this has tied in with me being Muslim. I realise that these two do not go hand in hand. In fact no major religion has accepting views on homosexuality. From a biological standpoint I understand this. If everyone was gay then life as we know it would cease to exist. Try as hard as you may two guys cannot reproduce with one another. This lead me to read more about my religion and understand the scriptures that are written in the Quran regarding homosexuality. My hope from this research was to find a way to reconcile the two aspects of my life that were conflicting. The Quran relays a story about the people of Sodom and Gomorra. Those that are familiar with Christianity and Judaism will also know of this story. It tells of a place where men were having sex with other men and sh