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I won't blow your high

Hi All, This weekend I was in Berlin (leaving today and feeling so sad). It's a great city, so friendly and a really amazing gay scene (bear overload). I went with V (Lady was supposed to come too but couldn't). We had a blast, I will definitely be coming back. I think the most vivid time I can remember here was the first night. It was Saturday, and there were some great clubs open. We found out there was a bear party being held in Schwurz, which is a big club featuring three rooms with different genres of music. It looked good, and I like clubs that have a bit of variety as you can move around and get different experiences and sounds. We started the night in a small bar, it had good reviews and was actually a quaint place. It's somewhere you can chill and enjoy the scene. After a few drinks we decided I head over to Schwurz. We got to the station that CityMapper guided us to and found ourselves in the middle of an industrial estate. It turns out that the location tagg

Ice ice baby

Hi All, The weather recently in London has been stupidly cold. Now being a winter baby I love the cold weather, that being said I like it enough to appreciate what being wrapped up warm. Yesterday night however I didn't appreciate the cold at all. Let me start with some back story; I met a guy on tinder (Mr Oz) and we decided to meet up for drinks. Initially I said I was free so we decided to meet in central, but later that day I realised I was working and we had to move it out towards South London. This actually worked out perfect for his as we met in the area he lived in, a fact I found out when we met. So after work I drove over. He suggested a bar that had actually closed down at the beginning of January so we quickly decided on a pub nearby. I parked up my car and walked over, thinking I would find him inside. It was packed! Literally, which is odd for a Thursday night in this area. It was ok, I didn't mind it being busy at all. I couldn't see him and messaged, to

Shine a light on me

Hey all, A funny thing happened to me on Friday. I had a date with a guy who I had been speaking to for a few weeks. We met on tinder and instantly hit it off. Lets call him El Cohete ;). We decided to meet for coffee, and get to know each other more. I drove to just outside Reading and met with him. Our initial plan for going for coffee backfired as the place was closed, so we went to a bar and had mocktails. The evening went well, we have similar interests, laughed a lot and conversation just flowed. He was really sweet and complimentary too which is a bonus. As the evening went further along we decided to leave as the bar was closing and walked back to our cars, which we parked in a supermarket car park. He hugged me, and said that he would do more but it was freezing cold, which it was - I was literally shivering, and his body was giving me something but it wasn't warmth ;). I suggested we sit in his car for a bit and chat for while we heat up. Well one thing turned to ano

I'm only human after all

Hi all, So much has happened in the last few weeks, everything feels like a blur! I said goodbye to my 20's, got a major achievement in my education, worked overtime, had family time, went to a wedding, went to a funeral, came out to my sister.... Oh yeah, that happened! Let me tell you how it went down: So I had been thinking and planning to tell my sister over the holidays for quite some time (around 2 months). I was waiting for the opportunity for us to be alone, so I could tell her and then deal with the conversation afterwards. My parents were going to be away so it was the perfect time. Unfortunately it is also a busy time of year, meaning lots of family around so was hard to be alone with her. But I managed to find a brief moment when we were driving to my brothers house. We had just been to a family friends funeral, he was quite young, it puts life into perspective. I think my brother felt this particularly as he was a similar age to him, and so invited us round his ho