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I won't blow your high

Hi All,

This weekend I was in Berlin (leaving today and feeling so sad). It's a great city, so friendly and a really amazing gay scene (bear overload). I went with V (Lady was supposed to come too but couldn't). We had a blast, I will definitely be coming back. I think the most vivid time I can remember here was the first night. It was Saturday, and there were some great clubs open. We found out there was a bear party being held in Schwurz, which is a big club featuring three rooms with different genres of music. It looked good, and I like clubs that have a bit of variety as you can move around and get different experiences and sounds.

We started the night in a small bar, it had good reviews and was actually a quaint place. It's somewhere you can chill and enjoy the scene. After a few drinks we decided I head over to Schwurz. We got to the station that CityMapper guided us to and found ourselves in the middle of an industrial estate. It turns out that the location tagging on the app is a little off but we perservered and found the club. Immediately we found ourselves in front of the bouncer. He claimed he didn't need to see our IDs as he believed we were old enough (slight insult -I look young-ish, emphasis on the -ish lol). He then asked if it we knew it was a gay club, this upset V a little. It just was ok with it. Anyway we head on down some stairs and get to the entrance, I didn't know there was a fee but that was ok (V didn't treat :p). After checking in coats (it was literally below freezing outside) we went to the first bar we saw. This was around 11:30pm, which we found out for Berlin is very very early on a night out. It was pretty empty. We went to the bear room and found lots of middle eastern guys (yay for fellow gay Muslims!). It felt a little like a high school prom, they were all around the sides, being coy and shy to talk to each other. Groups of friends were just chilling, and Arabic beats were being mixed with dance music, which was odd (definitely not my type of music). There was a single guy on the dance floor who could only be described as dancing in a form of Thai chi. We later found him in the techno room trying for the whole night to do the splits.

The night was tame so far, but after a few hours it picked up. We moved to the pop room as it was easier to dance to these tracks. Now this is where you could see the variety of people that come. Clubs like this offer something for everyone, so all the community was out. They had 'private' curtained sections for play and open plan toilets mainly for cruising. A few hot guys but nothing that took my fancy. We moved from room to room and enjoyed ourselves. I had to rest at around 2am as I had been up for pretty much 24 hours at this point (not as young as I used to be). When leaving the bear room I spotted a guy that was cute. We looked into each other's eyes and both had that feeling of 'your hot' and smiled. As I walked past we grazed each other's arms and tangled our fingers. I turned around and he was hugging me. It was nice. He had just arrived and said he wasn't looking to hook up just yet but took my number and said he would call (he didn't). Now anyone who knows me knows that I'm not like this at all. That was literally the first time I had gone up to a guy and flirted in a club (achievement unlocked). We continued the night away and found ourselves back in the bear room. This time I was trying to find the guy from before, but also trying to scope out other people too (don't judge I'm on holiday). Then I saw this guy walking through. He was tall, had a leather jacket on and looked great. We locked eyes and smiled. He went behind me and put his hand round my waist and we danced for a bit. He turned me around and before I knew it we were kissing right there on the dance floor. Again this is something I don't do (second achievement unlocked - I was on a roll). After a few minutes he asks me to come out with him. I hesitated but then decided 'why not?' And followed him out. We got to near the front of the club and he sat down on a nearby table. He then started messaging someone. I was curious as to who, especially as you should be careful just in case he was planning on robbing me or something. He said he was just messaging a friend who would meet him. I was curious at this and asked what for, to which he replied 'he is my dealer and will give me cocaine.' SOUND THE ALARM. I don't mess with CHEM's or drugs. I confirmed he said cocaine and then stated 'I'm sorry I don't mess with that shit' and walked away. Literally leaving him there.

At this point I went back to V and we decided to head home. It was around 3am and the club would have been open longer but we were super tired (thank you early RyanAir flight). We got home and crashed. I couldn't believe what had happened tonight, not only had I flirted with a guy and given my number, but also made it with a guy who was high on cocaine (or at least would have been if I stayed). It was turning out that Berlin would throw me a lot of surprises. But this was definitely a memorable start to a good trip.

I wonder if that guy ever did do a full split?



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