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No strings (like Hendrix)

Hi All, You know when you get that feeling where you just want sex? It plays in your mind and you can't stop thinking about it? We all go through it. Some people find comfort in random flings with guys from apps (I have in the past), but an upgrade from this is a friend with benefits. There are advantages to this, you know each other, you are comfortable with each other (which isn't the case when you meet someone for a random fuck) and best of all you can have an actual conversation after. I found myself in a situation like this recently with a friend I made from Growlr. He had been messaging me to meet up, under the pretence that we would talk and hang out, but I knew what would ensue. The first few times I was busy with work, taking on emergency cover and had to cancel meeting him, but as I said before I was going through a sex withdrawal phase and decided to meet up with him after a couple of months had passed. I explained it would be after work, which was fine with him

Once I was 7 years old...

Hi All, Today has been a weird day for me. It started off as a normal Sunday, but throughout the morning I felt apathetic and in one of those 'I can't be bothered with today' moods. It went with me to work and I couldn't shake it off. I still did my Sunday jobs and all in all I was fine, but every customer that annoyed me in the slightest I felt like shouting at for wasting my time. I didn't, but wanted to for some reason. I don't usually feel like that, but today was a 'don't fuck with me' day. I shrugged it off and continued with work, quieter than usual, but I survived. At lunch however I got to know a bit more as to why I was feeling like this. The Lukas Graham song was playing, and that got me thinking about my first reaction when I heard the song. My first reaction was sadness. Here you have a guy talking about relationships he has forged, or will forge in the future, and how he hopes and dreams to always have people around him that will l