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No strings (like Hendrix)

Hi All,

You know when you get that feeling where you just want sex? It plays in your mind and you can't stop thinking about it? We all go through it. Some people find comfort in random flings with guys from apps (I have in the past), but an upgrade from this is a friend with benefits. There are advantages to this, you know each other, you are comfortable with each other (which isn't the case when you meet someone for a random fuck) and best of all you can have an actual conversation after. I found myself in a situation like this recently with a friend I made from Growlr.

He had been messaging me to meet up, under the pretence that we would talk and hang out, but I knew what would ensue. The first few times I was busy with work, taking on emergency cover and had to cancel meeting him, but as I said before I was going through a sex withdrawal phase and decided to meet up with him after a couple of months had passed. I explained it would be after work, which was fine with him and that I wouldn't be staying long as I had work the next day. He was fine with all of this as he just wanted to meet me again.

I finished work late as the manager wanted to have a chat. He is quite an abrupt person so I got the feeling he doesn't have a lot of friends, and now sees me as a friend so wanted to chat. This was ok, but was delaying me going to meet Mr FWB. Anyway I finished up and just as I was getting to my car he messaged asking if I was still coming over. He was keen, and didn't want me to cancel again. I re-assured him and drove to his place. When I got there he buzzed me in and I got to his flat. He opened the door with a huge smile (fully clothed - which was a relief as I was thinking he would have jumped me there and then). His flat was nice and we exchanged pleasantries. He actually had to meet a friend later who has end stage cancer (quite sad) and he just started talking about that with me. It was unexpected, but it sounded like he wanted to talk to someone about it all and how it made him feel. As I am a healthcare professional I think he felt comfortable with me about these things (which as I said before is a benefit of a friends with benefits). As we were talking he moved closer, held my hands and stroked my arms.

He then turned and was facing me, using my legs to support his back. It was nice, we chatted some more before he leaned in and kissed me. That was it, he was all over me. We continued to the bedroom and had sex. After I went to have a shower (got a little sweaty and dirty lol) and he made me a coffee. We chatted some more before I left. All in all it satisfied my urges and it was a pleasant evening. Mr FWB is a nice guy, he is sweet, caring and good in bed, but I don't see us working as a couple. Our arrangement now suits both our lives, and I would prefer it stayed that way. I will have to be clear on that and make sure he doesn't read into things too much.

I am sure I will figure that out as I go along. Have any of you been in a similar situation? How have you handled it? Would love to hear about it. Until I do figure it out though I am still looking for the one, wherever he may be.



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