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Empty spaces fill me up with hope

Hey All, These last few weeks have been a mixture of being busy, bored, disgusted, fed-up and Netflix. I realise Netflix isn't an emotion or feeling, but it has made up a good chunk of my time (Go Prison Break!). Let start with the emotions and feelings. We have been in the process of re-modelling the upstairs bathroom. It was all exciting at first as I got to go and choose stuff I wanted (I love design and designing spaces - if I weren't a science geek I would be a fabulous interior designer). All the stuff had come through and all we needed was a builder to do the work. After a few people came and saw the job and gave us quotes, we went with someone who was in the middle of the prices given. He could start straight away, which was good as I wanted the new bathroom as soon as possible. He started, but this quickly spiralled, and a 7 day job is still ongoing almost three weeks later! Days 1 and 2: He ripped out the old bathroom and tidied up the walls. The space was empty

Work Work Work Work Work Work

Hey All, Recently I have been getting back into the swing of working full time (albeit irregular hours and days, but definitely more than when I was a student). The nature of my work has me contracting in different places, and this is fun as I get to travel and work with new teams constantly. The downside is waking up at 6am to get ready for a day, and always having to check my calendar (double check and triple check) where I am for the day. So far it has gone well, with a few glitches here and there due to missed bookings and admin. I have realised how much I have missed work (and the money). However, when working a lot I tend to forget about other aspects of my life as I focus a lot on my job. This is something I have always done, as I was taught to work hard and achieve my dreams. My dreams of doing a PhD have already been realised, and now my dream is to find a full-time job, house and love. Basically become an adult and actually have some normality and regularity in my life.

One Day

Hi All, These last few weeks have been super hectic for me. I have been working a lot and found myself in a routine of waking up daily at 6am and going about my whole day at work, coming home and then going to sleep at midnight. This has been my cycle now for three weeks. Being self employed this is unusual as I would typically have a day off, but I did a 16 day stretch of work (yay me!) and actually liked it (mainly as I was getting paid!). However, I made time to reflect on my life and what I wanted in the future. Those of you who read my blog will know my post where I talked about my plans for the coming year (See 'What do you do when everything is broken' Oct 16) and what I wanted to achieve. Well through my reflection I realised that I started to make a list of things I will do 'one day.' These are things that I want to do when I finally get into a relationship. They range from activities, to trips and even small things like ideas for things we can cook together