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Ramadan Kareem, Mubarak, Mabrook and other greetings

Hi All, As you may know the month of Ramadan is upon us. For those of you that do not know Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar where muslims all around the world fast between dawn and sunset for around 29-30 days. There are many reasons why we fast such as: It teaches us patience (as you cannot eat or drink anything, so you can imagine the patience it takes to not think about food and overcome your hunger pangs) Reminds us how the less fortunate may not be able to eat or drink on a daily basis (so essentially humbling ourselves and being thankful for what we have) Re-connects us with our spirituality (as you pray more and read the Quran) Become more charitable (as we donate to charity within this month - as well as in other months too, but more emphasis is put within this month) Being that the days are really long within the UK people often ask me 'don't you find it hard?', 'I don't think I could do that, how do you manage?' or tell me th

Say my name, say my name

Hey all, Have you ever had that moment when you meet someone and they tell you their name, but after a while you forget what it was and it's way too awkward to ask them again? Then you see them again and hope that they don't remember yours as you have totally forgotten theirs, and pray to god you're not with someone else to have to introduce them? Well this doesn't usually happen to me, but did happen to a guy I hooked up with recently. It started about a week ago, I was going through a horny phase after a dry spell. I recently had a lot of stress at home as well so wanted to let off some steam. So Grindr came to the rescue. I got chatting to a guy (R) and he was up for some fun, so I got ready and went over on Sunday night (I was fortunate enough to have the house to myself so I could easily leave without everyone asking me where I was going). I got to his and we went straight (lol) to it. The sex was good, and it was needed. But one thing I made sure to do was to

Where there is a flame someone's bound to get burned

Hey All, This week has been a week like no other. On the surface of it all it seems like a normal week, we get up, we go about our daily routines and then we all go to sleep. But there is a heavy air in the house recently, and it stems from one person... Mum. Those of you have read my previous post will know that we are getting our bathroom re-modelled. This has not been a smooth ride and has caused my mum to become angry at all of us for every mistake that has happened. She fails to see that they are very minor details and we cannot control everything. But in her head we are to blame for everything and that is final. She has this tendency to do this a lot. She is never happy with what has been done and always wants more or find fault. This is to the detriment of my dad who bears the brunt of all her constant nagging and negative comments. But when she is like this no-one is really safe. Now I know that in every healthy relationship there will be arguments and fights. This is no