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Say my name, say my name

Hey all,

Have you ever had that moment when you meet someone and they tell you their name, but after a while you forget what it was and it's way too awkward to ask them again? Then you see them again and hope that they don't remember yours as you have totally forgotten theirs, and pray to god you're not with someone else to have to introduce them? Well this doesn't usually happen to me, but did happen to a guy I hooked up with recently.

It started about a week ago, I was going through a horny phase after a dry spell. I recently had a lot of stress at home as well so wanted to let off some steam. So Grindr came to the rescue. I got chatting to a guy (R) and he was up for some fun, so I got ready and went over on Sunday night (I was fortunate enough to have the house to myself so I could easily leave without everyone asking me where I was going). I got to his and we went straight (lol) to it. The sex was good, and it was needed. But one thing I made sure to do was to introduce myself before we made out, and asked his name too. I'm not going to do random hookups with guys who I don't know their names, I'm not that messy (yet...). Anyway, after we finished we were just lying in bed. I think at this point he wanted to chat so we did, I was surprised as I thought we were both on the same page where it would be a fuck and go, but I decided to lay there and chat with him. He obviously wanted to cuddle and I didn't mind that, except that it was getting late, I was tired and had work the next day.

As we were chatting R mentioned that he had forgotten my name. That's fair enough, it was a brief introduction before we started making out, so I could forgive him for forgetting, but I didn't. I decided instead to have some fun, and also play to the air of mystery. I feigned being shocked and appalled and he thought he would be clever by turning it around and asking me if I knew his. I did (I have a good memenory). That's when he started to panic a little. He kept asking and I would change the subject or tell him to guess. He didn't get close to it at all. No I could come off as mean here, but I was just looking for sex, and the fact he didn't remember my name appealed to me a little as I wasn't planning on meeting him again or starting anything up.

As the night went on he kept trying to guess my name, still didn't get it. I told him I had to leave and after a quick shower, I drove off back home. When I checked Grindr again he had posted more names, none of which were mine, but gave me some good ideas for aliases I could use in the future. I thought nothing more of it and didn't really reply back. But today was a different story. Randomly (and this is very random) I saw him on my way to work. There was this air of awkwardness as I haven't really ever seen a guy I've hooked up with randomly in London a lot. There's so many people, we live in different parts of London, but just so happened today was the day I was working in a similar area to him. Instead of ignoring him, I decided to have more fun, I started the greeting with his name, making him more embarrassed about not knowing mine (I know very mean of me, but it was in a playful way). We chatted briefly as my stop was coming up (thankfully as he was showing signs of getting attached) and parted ways.

He still doesn't know my name (and I'm totally ok with that).

Staying incognito for now.



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