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Somewhere over the rainbow

Hi All, Happy Pride Month! I hope everyone is celebrating and enjoying their respective pride festivals and parades. Me? Oh I can't celebrate or enjoy pride as I'm fasting, and that has been the case for every year since I accepted my sexuality and myself. It started a few years ago when I finally accepted myself. At that time I wasn't thinking about the community, more so myself and the journey I had made, decisions I took and the revelation that came before me. Of course I knew before that I was gay, but only after I accepted myself did I really feel truly happy about it all. I made a promise then to try and integrate more with the gay community (I mean how else would I find the one right?). That meant going to gay clubs and actually being gay (lol), trying out the apps (yes we all have at some point), dating, being 'out' in public (within reason, there are still people in my life who I feel don't need to know), coming out to my sister etc. The list goes