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Fat, femme and Asian

Hi All, It's been a few hectic weeks for me recently, mainly with work, but also some fun, which was really needed. As part of said fun I was using the apps trying to find the 'one' (or the one right now). However, I noticed that a lot more profiles were being very specific with what they were looking for. This isn't uncommon within the gay dating app community, but more or less every other profile was describing their ideal hookup or partner. This can be a good thing as you can see if you match the description and are more likely to get a response (people still don't have manners and will choose not to reply to a profile they don't like), and maybe even meet up. I get it, it makes things easier and I like that preferences are out in the open, as you can find what you want and not have to put much effort into it. That's all well and good, until you see the 'no asians' or 'whites only' profiles. Now this can start a whole debate on racism

Knowing me, knowing you

(Ah-haa) Hi All, The last few weeks for me have been really busy. I finished (and survived Ramadan - Whoop Whoop!) and have been settling back into eating during the day, working and sex (lol). I recently wrote an article for TheGayUK regarding my experiences of reconciling my religion and sexuality ( Reading the comments for this got me thinking about an aspect of the article where I say that I was born gay and knew this from when I was young. This got me thinking back to the exact moments in my life where it was cemented in my mind that I was gay. Let me take you back to primary school (for those not in the UK this is elementary school). I was 8/9 years old and didn't really know what my sexuality was. We had done some health classes in school and talked about aspects of puberty, but sexuality wasn't really discussed in any form. This was in the mid 90's (before you say or think anything I'm still you