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Change clothes and go

Hi All, I’m an effort to have more of a life I have been going out after work at least once a week. It’s been great as I get to meet my new man, and I also getting to live a little! (Yay for living). As part of that I don’t always want to be out wearing my work clothes. Although they are comfortable and I do dress well for work, it’s nice to relax and wear something fresh. Makes you feel like you have put effort in, and can get out of the clothes you’ve been wearing and working in all day. This means I have to be proactive with what clothes I take (I don’t like creases) and where I can get changed into said clothes. I have therefore mastered the art of the quick change in the toilets. Not the most glamourous place to get changed, but it’s effective. Thankfully there are clean toilets in the places where I work, which helps a lot as I don’t like smelly toilets (I will turn around and hold it all in!). It’s not too difficult to get changed in a cubicle either. You may get some stran

Do it right

Hi All, You may have heard on the news about recent events in Australia regarding the chamber in laws against same sex marriages. If you haven't, then we'll let's just say Australia are in the dark ages with this issue and really need to reform. I never realised that they didn't already have legalised same sex marriages, as I thought this would have been something that would have been addressed years ago. But here we are in 2017 and still there are countries that are considered to have 'western ideals' that haven't changed their laws for the LGBTQIA communities. The polls have not been an easy ride so far. Demonstrations have occurred from communities that abhor same alex marriage and even recently people funded a sky wrter to write 'vote no' in the sky above Sydney. These are powerful statements from the people who wish to eradicate LGBTQIA from Australia, and would rather not have any other people than heterosexuals in Australia. Those same pe

Sometimes I don't want to feel those metal clouds

Hi All, I have had a wonderful past few weeks. Bae is becoming my new obsession and I love every moment with him. We have had some wonderful times together and hopefully plenty more to come, oh and I also dyed my hair grey. That's right, on purpose. So far it's getting rave results and people are being complimentary. Well except for my mum, but she will come around, I will make her. In terms of my life things are going well as I hope they stay this way. However, something in recent news has got me agitated, and not in a good way. I am referring to a news story regarding L'Oréal and their treatment of a transgender model. For those of you who aren't aware, I am referring to Munroe Bergdorf. She is a black transgender model, and for the briefest of moments was part of the diversity campaign by L'Oréal for their new foundation range, quotes for every colour and promoting inclusivity. I say briefly part of the campaign as what they did was heinous, and downright wr