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Sometimes I don't want to feel those metal clouds

Hi All,

I have had a wonderful past few weeks. Bae is becoming my new obsession and I love every moment with him. We have had some wonderful times together and hopefully plenty more to come, oh and I also dyed my hair grey. That's right, on purpose. So far it's getting rave results and people are being complimentary. Well except for my mum, but she will come around, I will make her. In terms of my life things are going well as I hope they stay this way.

However, something in recent news has got me agitated, and not in a good way. I am referring to a news story regarding L'Oréal and their treatment of a transgender model. For those of you who aren't aware, I am referring to Munroe Bergdorf. She is a black transgender model, and for the briefest of moments was part of the diversity campaign by L'Oréal for their new foundation range, quotes for every colour and promoting inclusivity. I say briefly part of the campaign as what they did was heinous, and downright wrong. Munroe was talking about certain privileges that white poeple have and that she feels that all white people are racist. Now this is something I don't totally agree with. Although there are complex issues regarding white privilege of which I won't be getting into, I wouldn't make such a sweeping statement about all white people as she did. That isn't to say that some white poeple aren't racist, but then again some south Asian, black and other people can also be racist. However, the culture around white privilege does exist, and even transcends into the gay world. No fats, no femmes and no Asians is a common rhetoric seen in gay dating. This is preference in respect to body type and character, but the no Asian part does have a whiff of inert racism towards it. Luckily I haven't been offended by this, but others have.

My main issue with the treatment of Munroe by L'Oréal is the immediate sacking from the campaign as she was being vocal about social injustice that she has faced. I don't think that sends the right message regarding inclusivity and diversity if one of the main stars in the campaign, in fact the first black transgender woman to be part of a beauty campaign by a leading manufacturer, is sacked for talking about her own views on diversity. The same campaign which uses a well known white star who was convicted for hitting a black woman. Although racial aspects of this were denied, you cannot deny it happened. She was given a second chance, and was given further chances as the years went by. This could probably happen with Munroe as well, but at the moment she is being vilified for something that was taken out of context and misconstrued. She is now being bullied online by trolls and in person, which relates heavily to her comments about racism and prejudice. To me it doesn't make sense to silence those that would speak out against injustice; and especially for the company to act in the way that they did regarding the matter. They could have been more diplomatic about the situation, but instead they chose the swift exit.

It goes to show that the treatment of ethnic minorities isn't going to change overnight. Although I do feel we have made progress, things like this show that we still have a long way to go. Staying silent and watching these things happen will not change the fact that they are happening. We had to wake up to these issues and tackle them together as a wider community. I hope L'Oréal make better choices in the future regarding their stances on inclusivity and diversity. In the meantime those who are looking for foundation in their true shade look for Rihanna's range of Fenty Beauty (Not being sponsored or anything, I just love her and she cannot do any wrong). She promises more diversity than L'Oréal have shown to hold true.



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