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Nobody knows it but you’ve got a secret smile

Hi All, It’s been a crazy few weeks recently. My new beau is amazing as always; my hair is going through a transition period from brown to grey (on purpose) and work has been great as I’ve been learning more and more. Not only have I been learning more about the job itself, but more about the manager, who recently I have come to suspect is also gay. Now when you speak to him you wouldn’t have your gaydar flashing, however after a few conversations and a few subtle questions here and there I think I have cracked the code. Let me tell you a bit about him. He is quite direct when he speaks, almost intimidating (although I don’t get intimidated), however has times where he is jovial and fun too. I think because he has some serious responsibilities he goes into a work persona and has a one track mind because of it. But outside of that he is relatively funny. He is also Muslim, and I think may be going through the same issues I had when accepting my sexuality. Perhaps this is why he doe