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Round my hometown

Hi All, It’s been a good few weeks since my last post, so much has happened and I’ve been super busy. I had a job interview that I didn’t get (there will be other opportunities), I had a semi serious chat with my dad about future plans (still not out, but am more confident now) and I started packing for my holiday. Well, I was packing for a holiday that didn’t quite pan out, so being the resourceful me, I decided to staycation. For those that don’t know, staycationing is having a holiday within your own city (or town). It may not sound like a holiday to some, but think of it this way, how much of your own city have you actually seen? How many sights have you been to? How many secret treasures are there to be found within your hometown? For me the answers were a list of things I haven’t done. Being a Londoner I have taken my city for granted. For instance I have never even been up Primrose Hill to see the views. So instead of packing for a week in warmer climates, I changed a few bit