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I don't trust you anymore

Hi All, It's come to that time again in my house. Re-modelling and re-decorating. After the fiasco that happened with the previous bathroom, any work now needs to be a whole lot better to keep the peace in the house. It was time for bathroom number 2. This is the main bathroom downstairs, and needs to be perfect as more people will see it. Thankfully me and my sister convinced my dad to get professionals from a well known company to do the work for us. It was a damn sight more expensive, but the saying is true, you get what you pay for. We still had some minor issues to work out, namely the boiler being within the bathroom, and this caused my mum to have another meltdown on us, but thankfully the 2 week timescale was only extended by 4 days. The finished result looks great, although there are some very minor finishing touches to do which will be done later this week. The fun only just begun. When re-decorating a house it is easy to want to update other parts to bring new l