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I don’t give a FVCK

Hi All, It had been a while since my last post and so much has gone on in my life since. Major news is that I am not with bae anymore, mainly due to my circumstance of living at home and leading a double life. It hurt, a lot, but I want him to be happy and we are still friends so that is great. Work has been trudging along, although they have yet to pay me for December so I am living it lean for a while. I had a few interviews for jobs, so fingers crossed that one of them works out and I can start the next chapter of my life. All in all I remain hopeful for 2018 and can’t believe it’s already February so it’s flying by. What I wanted to talk about today was something I witnessed yesterday at the clinic, and yes I am saying clinic the same was Alaska said it in Snatch Game (God bless Mae West). I went to get my last injection to give me immunity towards HPV. For those that don’t know, HPV is a virus that can be transmitted via sexual contact, and can leave you with warts or precanc