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What about us?

Hi all, It has been some months since my last post, and for that I can only apologise as I have been stuck in a writers block about things to blog about. That, and the fact I didn't have a laptop for around 2 weeks, also stopped me from writing. Suffice to say my new laptop is amazing and I don't know why it took me so long to replace my old one. So what is new? Well I am still looking for my dream job, and ways to leave home, so things aren't going the way I planned, but I remain hopeful at least. I got a date for an important surgery (not dying, just fixing old wounds) and I should hopefully be realising my dream of being able to ride a bike this Summer. So my list of achievements should be getting longer. I have also been binge watching stuff as I find myself with more time. My recent binge was the second season of Dear White People (it's amazing and I would definitely recommend people to watch it). For those that haven't seen it, it is a show about the