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Let Me Out!

Hi all, Over the past month I have been on a Twitter storm, and I have had the privilege to connect with lots of interesting people, as well as have some great conversations about being Muslim and gay. It is honestly one of the main reasons I have Twitter (@GuyGinaMonos), as it allows me to connect with people I would never have met in real life. I have been lucky enough to find people who have found my blog to be of help, and that feeling is amazing. I will continue to write content that matters and help out as many people as possible. That brings me to an exciting project that I got informed about by a lovely man called Omid. He is creating a pop-up children's book about coming out, and accepting what lies within the closet. I think this is an amazing narrative that needs to be told, and honestly think that resources like these are beneficial to the community as it helps parents and children understand what it means to be LGBTQ, and how daunting it can be to come out.

So don’t you bring me down today

Hi all, It’s been a crazy few weeks so nice my last post. I had a minor surgery (all planned for and it went well), booked a few holidays, a Gaycation (tm GuyGinaMonologues 2018) for my first ever pride festival! (So so so excited!) and another for an explorers holiday in the Far East (can’t wait for the food), I started fasting (which is another reason I can’t wait for food lol) and had an interview for the position I’m already doing. It’s been interesting to say the least. One thing that I have noticed however is that I feel really good about myself recently. I have noticed the change over the last few months, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what has changed to male me feel this way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one but, but it got me thinking as to why now, and how can I keep this feeling going. Let’s start a few months ago. I have already spoken about how I gave up sugar back in December, and so far this is still going well and strong. As a result I have lost a little