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What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Hi All, I hope everyone is having an amazing pride month so far. This month has been an extra special one for me as I finally, after years and years of eating, made it to my first ever pride event! To say it was a long time coming is a severe understatement, but I am so happy that it finally did and I loved every aspect of it! Now as some of you are aware my home life doesn’t just allow me to take a few days away without a just reason. Telling my parents that I’m going to spend the weekend partying and enjoying being gay is out of the question for now, so I had to lie and say I was visiting friends in Manchester, whilst secretly staying in central London and going to pride events. It works out to be more expensive of course, but I treated it like a mini Gaycation (tm) and made the most of it. I mean I had planned my outfit a few weeks ahead and also planned one for rain, which thankfully never came, so I got to wear what I wanted and feel amazing in it. Sadly my gay besties were