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Hand in hand, that’s worth the return

Hi all, I just got back from an amazing holiday in south east Asia and I miss it already. I had a mini adventure with a group of lovely people, and lived almost like a local for 2 weeks. It was all amazing, the food, the people and the culture. I finally got to tick off Angkor Wat from my bucket list too, which was spectacular to see in person (especially at sunrise). It wasn’t all easy though, we pretty much had to wake up every day at 6am (uh I’m on holiday and shouldn’t have to), just so we could be on time for things in terms of travelling by buses or going on excursions. But our group made it worth it, so wasn’t too bad. It did make me very horny though, as I went the whole time without satisfying any urges. This was mainly as I could not find any private time, but after a while I set myself a challenge to see how long I could last. Without sounding too explicit I can say that I usually find time to self love a few times a week. This was the first time I went without that. Af