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You drive me crazy

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since my last post, and honestly the only reason is that life has been getting in the way of writing. A few updates, I have started a full time position (in the same role I was contracting in - so moving out will be a possibility soon!), I have been a little too relaxed on my no sugar hiatus so need to start reigning that in again and I recently just came back from a holiday in Dubai.

Dubai was lovely, the weather was nice (as I hear it always is) and it was the first time in a holiday I got to relax. I even hit a milestone and took my top off on the beach! I never thought I would do that in my adult life ever. Not that I was showing off my non-existent abs, but more so I felt more confident to just not care what people thought. I was there to just enjoy my book and catch some well needed vitamin D (not to be confused with the other kind of D, of which I did not get). What I realised quickly was to fully enjoy Dubai you need to be rich, or at least have a lot saved up so you can afford the many excursions from the city and beach (which get boring after a few days). But we made the most of it, and tried to do it on a budget of sorts. This meant taking public transport over taxis sometimes. This was an eye opener for sure!

The metro system looks so lovely from the outside. It’s new, clean looking and most of all air conditioned (I can’t wait for that to hit the London Underground one day). We took our chances of seeing it, as it would save around £30 compared to a taxi fare. We got on the green line and quickly understood the separation of women in their own carriage and first class. The train was nice, not many seats but plenty of space, and quiet. Then we switched to the red line. And let me tell you, this was a whole different ball game. Think Central line but way overcrowded and three times as noisy. We were pushed onto the train with what seemed like hundreds of south Asians who had just come off their work shift. Instantly it was noisy, cramped and somewhat smelly. My dad even likened it to being a a fish market, with so many conversations happening at the same time it just became noise. My mum and sister escaped this by being in the women’s carriage and honestly I was jealous.

Now anyone who has had to deal with this level of cramped space knows that it can quickly get on your nerves. People don’t respect personal space and just lean on you, or use you for support. Thankfully I was above armpit level, otherwise I would have really lost my cool. People push, and try to basically stand in your space. I even moved out of the way of two people who were basically standing on top of me. They didn’t understand my sarcasm when I spoke to them. But finally we got to our stop and I vowed to never take the metro again.

Things got a bit better when we got to Dubai mall, but didn’t say that way for long. Me and my sister decided to go to the viewing deck of the Burj Khalifa. We got our tickets and made our way. Lots of people again, but it seemed ok. Again this didn’t last long. We were waiting in line and a guy standing near us was chewing gum. He was loud. So loud that I couldn’t hear anything else except him chewing. Me and my sister were shocked and covered our ears but could still hear him. When the line finally moved he was out of earshot and we breathed a sigh of relief. We were almost out in the same elevator as him, and if we had I can honestly say there would have been a murder on there. I can’t believe how loud and rude he was for disturbing the peace. When we reached the viewing deck we found a place to view the fountain show, and even then people were trying to move us. It’s like these people have no sense of social conduct.

Things got more annoying when we went to the water park and an elderly Gujarati lady decided she could cut in line with us as we were also south Asian and this somehow allows these things to happen. People behind her were stunned she cut into line but remained as silent as we did out of the same shock. It really does make you think that this is representative of all Asian people, and hence why I was angry. This anger came to head on a boat cruise where a woman tried to cut in line for food. My sister told her to join the back of the queue, and when she refused and insisted she was not getting some food, I intervened and told her to go to the back of the queue where she should have been in the first place. It was a culmination of many days of rude behaviour from these people.

I say these people even though I am also of South Asian descent. However, growing up in London has taught me about social conduct. We know how to queue, remain quiet and give people space. I get that India has different rules and different social behaviour, but when put aside by side, many people would class us the same, and therefore prejudge is to have the same behaviours. This is not fair at all. I noticed t on the flight when attendants would smile brightly at the Arabs and white people, but would sneer when asked questions by Asians. I didn’t understand the attitude we received until I had these experiences. Now even I fully understand. It’s not a nice feeling to be lumped with rude people, but that’s how it has been simply due to the actions of a few.

So I don’t think I will travel back to Dubai. I have no reason to. I don’t think I could handle more rude people and line jumpers. It would literally drive me insane.



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