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Santa Baby

Hi all, I hope everyone is ready for the holidays. It’s a lovely time of year. People are generally a bit happier, things tend to be busy but then slow down, and London is full of festive cheer. It’s also near my birthday, which is always fun for me. This year I got to spend it with bae. My first birthday spent as a proper couple, and it was glorious. We had an easy day, and. Got my wish of not wanting to make any decisions so was extra happy. It was nice waking up in the flat and realising what I have achieved this year. New job, new home and a more serious relationship with bae. Truly everything I could ever ask for. But something in me wants more. This time of year is all about family, and whilst I am on my way home now to spend time with them, and bae is at his family spending time with them, I yearn for us to be together and spend it as one. It would be amazing to have everyone enjoying the festivities and my family getting to meet bae. Sadly I know this would never happen, a

I've been back for a month

Hi all, It's been quite a month for me, by which I mean it has been officially one month in our new home! It's been amazing, and it's slowly filling up with furniture, and more and more love each day. We have learned more about each other, as well as learned how easy it has been to live together. Honestly, it has been the best month of my life, and I'm excited to have more amazing months in the future. We even found time for a quick, and well needed, break to New York. It has also been a month of learning. I learned that for some reason, even when in transit to Canada (a one hour connection), that you need an ETA!? That was a shock, especially as we had to fill out documents at the airport! (We were lucky to get the flight). I have learned that I am always cool under pressure (for at least give off the vibe that I am calm even when I'm worrying inside - flashback to the moment at the airport where we were told about the ETA). I have learned that  trying to figu

How do you measure - measure a year?

Hi all, Firstly an apology for the time between posts recently. I have been super busy and life has taken over, but in a good way. I can honestly say I have never felt happier, more hopeful and more excited for what the future can bring me. I finally got the notice that the flat will be mine in October! So so happy that this journey is coming to its final chapter, and then my new story and life can begin. This year has truly had a great impact on me. I changed jobs (and from what it looks like will probably change again soon - the effort!), found peace within myself even more, met relationships goals with bae and now will finally be moving out to our own place. This isn’t to say living at home has not had its fun times, because it has. But time has come for me to spread my wings, and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix into my new life. It may be tricky at first to manage (I am still to visit home regularly - to keep the peace as my sister says), but will have more freedom in the w

Welcome to my house

Hi All, I got the best news this week! I’m going to be a home (flat) owner!!!! For those that know me and my story you will know that this is a big deal. It means I can finally move out of my parents place and start living life the way I want to, and in pride month no less. What better opportunity could I ask for? It means that I can live with the love of my life, and do all the cute and fun couple-y things that we were always meant to do.  It means I can just be me. That’s the main point really. No more hiding who I am, no more having to answer to others. Free to be who I want, go where I want, come back to the flat whoever I want. It’s not like I’m in a jail sentence at home, but the comments made on how late I come back home do take their toll. I’m the type of person who wants it to be easy, don’t cause too much of a fuss and that way no fights or arguments happen. I mean I am human and I will provoke sometimes, but for the most part I’m easy going and want things to be

That's unnecessary, that's unnecessary?

Hi All, It's been a while since my last post, and for good reason as I have been super busy. I am making headway in getting my first ever flat! (soon to be free and be able to live how I want to), have changed jobs, which was the best decision ever, fasted for the month (thankfully Eid was this week so can eat and drink at normal times again), and generally been really busy. Throughout this time though I have been on social media (Twitter: @guyginamonos) and have been seeing posts about a straight pride event in Boston. So for this post I will be taking on the role of Jasmine Masters - because I have something to say... Let's start with why people feel they need to have 'straight pride.' This rhetoric has grown from those people who fully oppose LGBT pride events. They feel that these events are unnecessary as they feel queer people are not alienated, discriminated against or that our lifestyles are 'wrong' and should not be celebrated. 'Straight pride&

Inside the outsider

Hi all, It's been a hectic few weeks since my last post. So much has happened, so here's a little recap; I handed in my notice for my job as I got a new one! One of my work besties has left for a long trip and I won't be working with them anymore, which is sad but we will remain friends, I got approval for a mortgage and am now on a property hunt and life in general has been going nicely. That being said there are still things that drag me down. The whole debacle around Brexit has my head spinning with all the options and possible outcomes, the trouble going on in Kashmir has me wondering if we will have a war escalating in that region and, most annoyingly of all, there is a debate and protest occurring within the UK where Muslim parents are banning their children from learning about the LGBT community within school. Oh yes, it's 2019 and apparently it's deemed inappropriate for children to learn about LGBT. There is more to this story than just scandalising an

'Cause I am hopeful, yes I am

Hi all, How are you? Hope the new year is treating you all well. Thankfully January has ended (it felt like it lasted forever) and we are now making our steady way out of winter. For me, this is a time where I start on my new year plans. Note, these are like resolutions, but I give myself time to apply them to my life and make an order for them to come my way. That has taken a bit of a detour due to one major reason. I have decided to leave my current job and look for something new. Now this is both a hasty decision, and something I have been considering for a while. The reason I say its hasty is because I do not have another job lined up already. Those that know me, know that I am a planner. I have a spontaneous attitude as well, and this decision is part of that for sure. For a while I was quite unhappy in my new role. Essentially it was the same role I was in, however the work became a lot more intense due to the patients we were receiving. Add to that the stress of having a

I do that new new

Hi all, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great 2018, and hope 2019 is even better than that. Well I say a great 2018, lots of things happened last year that were bad. The media was inundated with lots of articles about the troubles all around the world. I really do hope that 2019 is the year that we start to rebuild, reconnect and start changing for the better (Brexit, I’m looking st you here). But a new year means change. This will be a pivotal year for the UK, and for all of us living here. We could change what we know, and change our future forever. But as complex as Brexit is, we all ty to change ourselves in a new year. It’s a chance to start fresh and do better than last year. For me, that means both big and small changes. I start this year with more hope for any year I have had before. It’s taken a while but I have become more secure with myself, more sure if my abilities and more sure of what I can achieve. I may place more pressure on this year to change my life around