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I do that new new

Hi all, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great 2018, and hope 2019 is even better than that. Well I say a great 2018, lots of things happened last year that were bad. The media was inundated with lots of articles about the troubles all around the world. I really do hope that 2019 is the year that we start to rebuild, reconnect and start changing for the better (Brexit, I’m looking st you here). But a new year means change. This will be a pivotal year for the UK, and for all of us living here. We could change what we know, and change our future forever. But as complex as Brexit is, we all ty to change ourselves in a new year. It’s a chance to start fresh and do better than last year. For me, that means both big and small changes. I start this year with more hope for any year I have had before. It’s taken a while but I have become more secure with myself, more sure if my abilities and more sure of what I can achieve. I may place more pressure on this year to change my life around