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'Cause I am hopeful, yes I am

Hi all, How are you? Hope the new year is treating you all well. Thankfully January has ended (it felt like it lasted forever) and we are now making our steady way out of winter. For me, this is a time where I start on my new year plans. Note, these are like resolutions, but I give myself time to apply them to my life and make an order for them to come my way. That has taken a bit of a detour due to one major reason. I have decided to leave my current job and look for something new. Now this is both a hasty decision, and something I have been considering for a while. The reason I say its hasty is because I do not have another job lined up already. Those that know me, know that I am a planner. I have a spontaneous attitude as well, and this decision is part of that for sure. For a while I was quite unhappy in my new role. Essentially it was the same role I was in, however the work became a lot more intense due to the patients we were receiving. Add to that the stress of having a