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Inside the outsider

Hi all, It's been a hectic few weeks since my last post. So much has happened, so here's a little recap; I handed in my notice for my job as I got a new one! One of my work besties has left for a long trip and I won't be working with them anymore, which is sad but we will remain friends, I got approval for a mortgage and am now on a property hunt and life in general has been going nicely. That being said there are still things that drag me down. The whole debacle around Brexit has my head spinning with all the options and possible outcomes, the trouble going on in Kashmir has me wondering if we will have a war escalating in that region and, most annoyingly of all, there is a debate and protest occurring within the UK where Muslim parents are banning their children from learning about the LGBT community within school. Oh yes, it's 2019 and apparently it's deemed inappropriate for children to learn about LGBT. There is more to this story than just scandalising an