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Welcome to my house

Hi All, I got the best news this week! I’m going to be a home (flat) owner!!!! For those that know me and my story you will know that this is a big deal. It means I can finally move out of my parents place and start living life the way I want to, and in pride month no less. What better opportunity could I ask for? It means that I can live with the love of my life, and do all the cute and fun couple-y things that we were always meant to do.  It means I can just be me. That’s the main point really. No more hiding who I am, no more having to answer to others. Free to be who I want, go where I want, come back to the flat whoever I want. It’s not like I’m in a jail sentence at home, but the comments made on how late I come back home do take their toll. I’m the type of person who wants it to be easy, don’t cause too much of a fuss and that way no fights or arguments happen. I mean I am human and I will provoke sometimes, but for the most part I’m easy going and want things to be

That's unnecessary, that's unnecessary?

Hi All, It's been a while since my last post, and for good reason as I have been super busy. I am making headway in getting my first ever flat! (soon to be free and be able to live how I want to), have changed jobs, which was the best decision ever, fasted for the month (thankfully Eid was this week so can eat and drink at normal times again), and generally been really busy. Throughout this time though I have been on social media (Twitter: @guyginamonos) and have been seeing posts about a straight pride event in Boston. So for this post I will be taking on the role of Jasmine Masters - because I have something to say... Let's start with why people feel they need to have 'straight pride.' This rhetoric has grown from those people who fully oppose LGBT pride events. They feel that these events are unnecessary as they feel queer people are not alienated, discriminated against or that our lifestyles are 'wrong' and should not be celebrated. 'Straight pride&