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That's unnecessary, that's unnecessary?

Hi All,

It's been a while since my last post, and for good reason as I have been super busy. I am making headway in getting my first ever flat! (soon to be free and be able to live how I want to), have changed jobs, which was the best decision ever, fasted for the month (thankfully Eid was this week so can eat and drink at normal times again), and generally been really busy. Throughout this time though I have been on social media (Twitter: @guyginamonos) and have been seeing posts about a straight pride event in Boston. So for this post I will be taking on the role of Jasmine Masters - because I have something to say...

Let's start with why people feel they need to have 'straight pride.' This rhetoric has grown from those people who fully oppose LGBT pride events. They feel that these events are unnecessary as they feel queer people are not alienated, discriminated against or that our lifestyles are 'wrong' and should not be celebrated. 'Straight pride' has also risen from people who want some form of pseudo-equality and that if queer people can be proud, then why cannot cis heterosexual couples also be proud? I would argue that the fact they are not targeted, discriminated against, abused, tormented or even made to feel unsafe just for being themselves is all the 'pride' and 'celebration' that they need. LGBT pride events are there for queer people to celebrate being themselves, to state to people that we exist, awe love ourselves and others within our community, to show people that we matter, that we should be made to feel safe and without fear of harm, judgement and have equality. Straight people do not need that message put out there. How many straight people have been targeted for their sexuality? how many have been abused for being straight? how many have had to deal with laws that condemn their sexuality and sexual preference? how many have to live in countries that promote the death penalty for being straight? The answer to all of these will be zero.

Institutions like marriage should be all the 'pride' straight people need. Look at how long it took for queer people to be given the same rights to marriage as straight couples. We had to fight for this equality, whereas it was just awarded to you as a by-product of your inherent sexuality. We had to break down barriers, have debate about religious connotations of marriage, come to agreements and compromise just to have that same basic right. Yet you feel you need to flaunt your straight lifestyle in a 'pride' event to show the world that you exist? You are the consideration of 'normal,' and that needs to change. Why can't queer people be seen as normal? Because you force heterosexuality in everyday life. Yet when we try to show that we exist, you are the first to say that we flaunt ourselves for attention. We try to educate people to see that we are normal, yet you protest and riot against us (as shown recently in the ongoing Parkfield school education debate). We try to live peacefully yet you want us to parade ourselves for your entertainment (as seen today in the horrific attack of a lesbian couple on a night bus: But because we have a truly important parade once a year across the world, we 'flaunt' our lifestyle and 'brainwash' people into becoming queer.

I understand that we live in a world where free speech is a right to people, especially in Western countries. So I understand that people have the right to be able to celebrate 'straight pride.' But I do not understand why they would want to. It could be that they want to be controversial and show that they can do what they want, and celebrate whatever they want. But I truly believe the messages behind both prides will be completely different. LGBT pride events are a place of love, acceptance and shows of strength and support. They do not condemn heterosexuality. This 'straight pride' event already gives off an air of protest against LGBT people, and rings with the same noise of Trump supporters and UKIP voters. Those people who do not like change, multiculturalism and anything that they deem to be immoral or deviating from the 'norm.' It isn't an event for acceptance, but rather an event for hatred and condemnation.

Then again am I being close minded in thinking this way? Perhaps this event won't be spewing hatred towards the LGBT community. Perhaps it was born from the idea that equality is needed, and that if LGBT people can have an event to celebrate themselves, then why can't straight people? Perhaps it would give more platforms for debate, and for the LGBT community to talk with these people, and for each side to understand more about what makes us proud to be who we are. We can say that straight people should be thankful that they do not need to have pride events to show others that it is ok to be straight. We can discuss why I came to my initial conclusions of derision as to the very idea of having straight pride was unnecessary (and for those like me who had that same idea). In a world where we co-exist, perhaps we have to allow for each side to celebrate the way that they like, and accept each side for who they are. After all, the ideal world wouldn't have straight people against LGBT, it would just have people, free to live how they want and free of persecution and abuse.

That would be ideal.


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