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How do you measure - measure a year?

Hi all, Firstly an apology for the time between posts recently. I have been super busy and life has taken over, but in a good way. I can honestly say I have never felt happier, more hopeful and more excited for what the future can bring me. I finally got the notice that the flat will be mine in October! So so happy that this journey is coming to its final chapter, and then my new story and life can begin. This year has truly had a great impact on me. I changed jobs (and from what it looks like will probably change again soon - the effort!), found peace within myself even more, met relationships goals with bae and now will finally be moving out to our own place. This isn’t to say living at home has not had its fun times, because it has. But time has come for me to spread my wings, and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix into my new life. It may be tricky at first to manage (I am still to visit home regularly - to keep the peace as my sister says), but will have more freedom in the w