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Santa Baby

Hi all, I hope everyone is ready for the holidays. It’s a lovely time of year. People are generally a bit happier, things tend to be busy but then slow down, and London is full of festive cheer. It’s also near my birthday, which is always fun for me. This year I got to spend it with bae. My first birthday spent as a proper couple, and it was glorious. We had an easy day, and. Got my wish of not wanting to make any decisions so was extra happy. It was nice waking up in the flat and realising what I have achieved this year. New job, new home and a more serious relationship with bae. Truly everything I could ever ask for. But something in me wants more. This time of year is all about family, and whilst I am on my way home now to spend time with them, and bae is at his family spending time with them, I yearn for us to be together and spend it as one. It would be amazing to have everyone enjoying the festivities and my family getting to meet bae. Sadly I know this would never happen, a

I've been back for a month

Hi all, It's been quite a month for me, by which I mean it has been officially one month in our new home! It's been amazing, and it's slowly filling up with furniture, and more and more love each day. We have learned more about each other, as well as learned how easy it has been to live together. Honestly, it has been the best month of my life, and I'm excited to have more amazing months in the future. We even found time for a quick, and well needed, break to New York. It has also been a month of learning. I learned that for some reason, even when in transit to Canada (a one hour connection), that you need an ETA!? That was a shock, especially as we had to fill out documents at the airport! (We were lucky to get the flight). I have learned that I am always cool under pressure (for at least give off the vibe that I am calm even when I'm worrying inside - flashback to the moment at the airport where we were told about the ETA). I have learned that  trying to figu