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I’m speechless

Hi all, It’s been an interesting few weeks. There has been an atmospheric change at work and it seems a lot better now, we have had paranoia about the corona virus on daily news, and the weather has been blowing us left, right and centre. For me, there has been a few changes of mind about whether or not I want to keep working in retail, and an incident today where a customer threw a box of tablets at me really does make think it’s time to move on. But it’s not all been so gloomy. I met Lady a week ago and we talked about everything from the important to little things that have happened to us. It was refreshing, and long overdue. Things with bae have been amazing, and continue to go strong. So I do have a lot to be thankful for. I have been thinking however that this blog may be past it’s expiration date. When I started this blog I did so to show the other side of being Muslim and gay. When I was struggling with who I was and how I was going to get through it, I tried to find other

Problem, problem, problem, the problem is you

Hi all, It's been a weird month for me. January has that never ending feeling, and seems to last for years instead of just 31 days. There is belief that its the hardest month to get through, we get paid earlier in December so it feels like budgeting takes over by the time January rolls around, people have the post holiday blues wishing for the next bank holiday and realising it's in April, which makes them more sad, and people tend to get ill and whiny. Emphasis on the WHINY. This year it's even worse this year with the outbreak of coronavirus. If I never have to explain one more time to a customer that we don't sell face masks it will only be too soon. However, along with people becoming more whiny, I also feel that I have lost my patience for them. People come up with the most minute of problems and make it seem like their worlds are ending. Especially in London, which is full of people with 'my life is more important' syndrome and 'can I speak to you