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Problem, problem, problem, the problem is you

Hi all,

It's been a weird month for me. January has that never ending feeling, and seems to last for years instead of just 31 days. There is belief that its the hardest month to get through, we get paid earlier in December so it feels like budgeting takes over by the time January rolls around, people have the post holiday blues wishing for the next bank holiday and realising it's in April, which makes them more sad, and people tend to get ill and whiny. Emphasis on the WHINY. This year it's even worse this year with the outbreak of coronavirus. If I never have to explain one more time to a customer that we don't sell face masks it will only be too soon.

However, along with people becoming more whiny, I also feel that I have lost my patience for them. People come up with the most minute of problems and make it seem like their worlds are ending. Especially in London, which is full of people with 'my life is more important' syndrome and 'can I speak to your manager'-itis. People will blatantly walk past the very items that they need in order to ask for those same items, and then want to be shown exactly where they are. I find this highly annoying, especially as when I hope I literally look everywhere before asking for help. My patience for patients is also wearing thin with their failure to understand the most basic principle for ordering their medications, and that the fact that the doctor has issued a prescription literally 20 minutes ago does not mean we will be there with a bag ready for the exact moment they come in.

These irritations are just the foundations to the biggest irritation of all, my manager. He is one of those micromanagers who wants to control every little aspect of the pharmacy. Normally this can easily be dealt with, however he has no understanding of the actual system, and therefore misquotes and misunderstands why certain targets cannot feasibly be achieved. This constant haranguing is starting to wear down my patience with him, and I feel that I will eventually explode. However, I temper my annoyance with constant reminders that I should not let these things get to me. I am better than that.

When speaking to bae about this, who is my rock and forever confidant, he says it's because I am too clever to be in the job that I am in, and that my mind isn't being challenged enough. This is actually true in a way, as I initially took the job to give my brain a break. Perhaps it's now time to move on from that and go back to a more challenging role. The only thing that makes me want to stay is my trainee, who I will make sure I fully train before leaving as it's only fair. But after that I really do think it's time for a change. I can't work in an environment where I am being harassed for unreachable targets, and whereby every move is under the microscope. It's not a welcoming environment anymore. And if there is anything I have learned over the years is that without being happy at work, one cannot really be happy at all.

So over the next few months I will start my search again for a more promising career. Even writing that sentence is uplifting me. It's time to make my career life as happy as my home life with bae.

Here's to what the future holds.



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