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I survive, I lock down

Hi all,

Hope you are keeping safe in these troubling times. COVID-19 is basically taking over the world, and thankfully countries are now making people stay indoors to stop the spread. For those that don't know, viruses can spread really quickly in dense populations, where people are in constant contact with one another. Isolation will stop this as you cannot pass it on if you don't have anyone near you to pass it to. It's simple, yet it took too long for people to realise this and that is why we still see the number rising for now. 

People are taking isolation in different ways though. Some are taking it as an opportunity to dye their hair, create alt accounts on twitter (the timelines are full of them), re-arrange their houses, post thirst traps (again all over the timelines) and complain about self-isolation. But all these will pass, and hopefully so with the pandemic. There is also the ugly side of this pandemic. Those that hoarded and stopped essential workers getting food and groceries. Those that shout at the supermarket employees and moan about the fact restaurants are closing (if not already closed). Those that shout at the community pharmacists by telling us we don't have any paracetamol in stock, and therefore are condemning you to death. I understand these frustrations as being misplaced, but others may not. So please, think about how you are acting before lashing out at people trying their best to help you.

Business are feeling the pressure, and many have decided to let employees go. This is horrific, and I feel truly sorry for anyone having to go through this. We must take a mental note of these business and boycott them. They have shown their true colours by valuing profits over the welfare of their employees. I know for certain that I will. It is said that in testing times we see the true nature of people, and this is what we are seeing now.

What is lovely to see now is communities coming together and helping one another. People are volunteering for the struggling NHS who are working tirelessly to help save us all, and that comforts me and bae. We both work in healthcare, and are deemed as truly essential workers during this crisis. We have a small amount of envy for those who can work from home, but we get through by reminding ourselves that we are making the difference. We don't do our jobs for the glory, and it's a sense of compassion for out fellow humans that compels us. Tonight's clap for the NHS is lovely, but what we would;d appreciate more is better funding, and access to better working conditions. 

I cannot speak for the supermarket employees, but they deserve raises. They are helping you in ways the NHS can't. They are making sure we all have access to food and essentials to survive. Be kinder to each others and think of others less fortunate than yourselves. Stick to the rules of isolation and limit contact. By following these rules we can ensure this pandemic lasts for a shorter amount of time, and we can get back to normality as soon as possible. But take with you the valuable lessons of washing your hands and keeping clean for the future. It will stop other pandemics from happening as easily as this one.

Stay safe all.



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