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Hi all,

Hope everyone is keeping safe from the pandemic and that the pressures are starting to ease off a little in terms of lockdown. It has definitely been a strange year, and it will continue to be for a little while longer. I honestly feel we should write off 2020 and forget it ever happened. Despite all the tragedies and despair there have been nice things to come from it. People are being friendlier towards each other and helping neighbours. They are innovating in times of need and helping out in any way that they can. It will be tough to move forward, and the effects of the lockdown will last for a generation, but we will endure.

My post is about a little gem that I found on Disney+ called Out. It's a short animation about a closeted gay man who is struggling to tell his parents about his boyfriend, and the reason he is moving because of it. This is a first for Disney, as they have never really showed an out and proud gay character in anything before. They have alluded to characters such as LeFou, they have never really shown this on screen. It's a travesty that it has taken this long. but I am glad that it has happened. It marks a milestone in their history, and moire importantly, shows kids everywhere that it is totally fine to be gay. It sends a positive message when all we hear in the media is negativity.

One thing that struck me was that the mother already knew. This sparked a debate within myself about whether or not my own mother knows, and wants to see me happy in a relationship. She has no idea that I am within one already, and bae knows this. We don't make it too much of an issue, but it would be nice to not have the secrecy all the time. He is truly wonderful, and I know given time and understanding my family will grow to love him too. What really sparked me off is if my mother knows but is keeping it to herself. Honestly it would feel like a betrayal, even though I am lying and being secretive myself. It's hard to explain, but it would be more devastating if she already knew and was keeping quiet, than if she was totally oblivious. It would have meant that I could have a small burden lifted from my shoulders a long time ago, and that things could have been easier.

I have very little doubt that she knows however, unless she is trying to be cruel. The reason I say this is because she constantly berates any representation of LGBT on TV or in media. Either this is how she truly feels, or she feels saying these things will turn me straight and 'cure' me. If it is how she truly feels then I have a terrible task ahead in the future when she finds out, but if she is doing it as some sort of guilt trip then she will never win. I am proud of who I am. I love myself enough to not let those comments bother me, and brush them aside. I don't however want to have to feel like I am brushing her aside with that same action. That is something I have to be careful about.

What I would like though is more honesty. Parents out there, if you know that your children are gay and love them for it, then please tell them so. Let them know that you love them all the same, and are proud of their pride. As I have said before, this pandemic is bringing people closer together. Do the same and become closer with your LGBT children. It will honestly mean the world to them, and together you can build better tolerance in the world.

Because that's all we really want. A tolerable and fair world for all.



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